How much protein in chicken? All properties of chicken explained!

how much protein in chicken?
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How much protein in chicken | hello guys and welcome to our site how-to guides. Today we are going to learn about the properties of chicken and find out how much protein is within a chicken.

How much protein in chicken?

So let’s get started, Most of the people would be looking for this information because of their diet plans. Because chicken is a rich protein source and everyone should include it in their daily diet.

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However, chicken is not the only protein source. There are lots of foods available with sufficient amount of protein within them. For example, fish, Soya chunks, beef, etc.

How much protein in chicken?

To add or remove an ingredient from a healthy diet plan can be tricky sometimes! because we have to balance the ratio of everything together to maintain a proper and healthy diet.

Now when it comes to chicken then it is a very common but effective ingredient in any diet plan. which can easily boost the protein portion of your diet.

But wait do you know how much protein in chicken is there? No right? So first of all, let us know what actually protein is.

What Is Protein?

So basically protein is a nutrient the main building block of our body tissues. Protein can also be used as fuel for a human being in their day to day life works.

The protein provides as much energy density as carbohydrates provide. Protein is used to generate new muscle fiber in the human body and provide energy to the cells.

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It would be nice if we use this kind of full of energy resource in our diet to quickly gain weight and stay healthy.

How Much Protein In Chicken?

Now let’s come to the point and find out how much protein actually is there in chicken! because you can’t just add any amount of chicken into your diet plan otherwise it may unbalance the whole diet.

So the first thing you will have to keep in mind is the right amount of chicken. Because It depends on the weight of the chicken, for example, a 172 gram of skinless chicken breast piece contains 54 gram of protein.

which is nearly about 31 grams of protein in per 100 gram of chicken. The chicken breast also contains a total of 284 calories, or we can say that 165 calories per 100 gram.

It generates 80% of the calories from the protein and the rest of the calories are generated from fat available in it. Don’t worry about fat because it’s not in huge amount as it will melt/digest easily.


Adding specific ingredients to our routine diet can be challenging when we are following a type of diet for anything like weight loss or weight gain. So it is good to know about the properties of that ingredient which we want to add to our diet.

So I hope that you got information about chicken protein which you need. If you found any useful information in this post, then don’t forget to share this article with your friends and loved ones!

And don’t forget to comment down your best diet plan for losing/gaining weight in the comments section down below!

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