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how to delete Gmail account permanently Step by Step Full Guide!

how to delete gmail account permanently
Written by kushwah siddharth

How to delete Gmail account permanently step by step full Guide! | hello guys and welcome to our site how to guides.

Today we are going to learn about an interesting problem which is very common nowadays!

That is how to delete Gmail account? that should be an easy task to do right? But,

It has some very important precautions to take otherwise you may lead to data loss or other kinds of problems like that!

So let’s Get Started For full procedure.

how to delete Gmail account permanently (2019)

To delete your gmail account permanently follow the below steps from start to end very carefully.

  1. First of all, open any browser in your computer PC and Log in to your google account from which you want to delete the Gmail account.
  2. Now go to the Google accounts settings Tab from the hamburger menu on the left sidebar as shown below.
how to delete Gmail account permanently
  • After the page loads, you have to choose an option from available options DELETE, DOWNLOAD, OR CREATE A PLAN FOR YOUR DATA
  • Now choose the options showing delete service or your account.
  • (NOTE: You can also choose to delete google account and data to delete your entire Google account along with your google docs, search history, AdWords plans etc.)

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how to delete Gmail account permanently
  • Now choose the option to delete a service on that particular page.
  • As for the next step you will be asked for which service you want to delete.
how to delete Gmail account permanentlyv

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  • If you want to delete a Gmail account then click the trash icon near the Gmail option to delete it permanently!
  • Make sure to create and download a copy of your important emails before deleting this account permanently.
how to delete Gmail account permanently
  • Now it will ask you for an email address give another working email address different from the one you are trying to delete.
  • Which will be required to sign in to the google dialogue box.
  • Now click on the send verification email button to get the verification mail from Google.
how to delete Gmail account permanently
  • After that open the mail from Google ( which is related to Gmail account deletion.
  • As for the last steps follow the link provided in the email.
  • if it asks to Login then Login the Gmail account you are deleting right Now!
  • It will ask you for confirmation of email account deletion there select the option yes, I want to delete example: ( Permanently from my account.
  • And click delete Gmail to delete your Gmail account permanently!


So i hope that you understood the full step by step guide how to delete a Gmail account permanently.

If you have any difficulties then don’t forget to comment down your thoughts in the comment section.

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