How to overcome depression? | Secret methods to overcome Depression!

how to overcome depression?
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How to overcome depression? | Hello, friends today we will talk about an interesting but very annoying factor of our life “depression”.

how to overcome depression best methods
how to overcome depression best methods

So today we will learn everything about depression which is listed as below.

  • what is depression?
  • How depression occurs?
  • How to overcome depression?

Depression is a very common problem in everybody’s day to day life.

because all days are not the same in our life we don’t take action until we don’t come out of our comfort zone.

how to overcome depression best known methods to overcome depression.

But when it happens we get mentally broken and our interest in life decreases.

What is depression?

First, let’s look into what depression really is.

Depression isn’t merely sadness, it’s a slumbering sorrow stretched across infinity.

how to overcome depression best known methods to overcome depression.

The depression is when you realize that,

what you’ve lost is not only “joy”, but the very ability to be joyful.

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It is when you feel extremely sad, but you can’t really cry,

and it’s when you’re still living, but you don’t really know why.

Depression is eternal exhaustion and tearless tiredness that never seems to go away.

And Depression is… when you’re too scared to die but too sad to live. Yet… nothing lasts forever, not even depression.

How depression occurs?

For example think that you are on an airplane and you look outside the window then,

The airplane suddenly starts to shake violently due to the strong air turbulence.

how to overcome depression best known methods to overcome depression.

But you are not worried about anything no matter that you are going to die that day but you still don’t care.

The time when these types of things happen then depression occurs in your life like a beast.

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When you go through depression and are not scared of death, then you should not be scared of anything else!

Then you realize that you are not afraid of anything anymore than you can live your life to the fullest without being feared of various factors of life.

How To Overcome Depression?

So now the real problem occurs How to overcome depression?

As a human being i personally suggest you that,

When you are so depressed that you just want to leave this world for good “Don’t Go Just Yet”.

Instead of that use this golden opportunity to do those things you have always been scared to do in your life.

Do not leave this world so quietly and pitifully , instead create a lingering impression on everyone’s hearts like an explosion in a fireworks display.

Go and run an epic marathon to raise money for charity before you die also you can try to become a volunteer in a faraway land.

Call everyone whom you hurt once in your life and say to them that you are sorry for what you did.

how to overcome depression best known methods to overcome depression.

Approach everybody you like and speak out your mind , Just do all the things you used to fear to do.

Now just think again about your beautiful life that if the death itself can not scare you then what are you scared of?

Don’t get me wrong I am not encouraging you to just die but I am encouraging you to live your life to the fullest before you die.

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So in the end you may realize that once you hit the absolute lowest point in life, The only way left to go is Up.

Because when you have very little factors to lose in your life it actually means that you have a lot to gain.

And finally, you might also realize that sometimes craziness can also be a cure for some problems like depression!


So i hope that you got the information you were looking for related to “how to overcome depression?”.

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And let me know your precious thoughts on fighting against depression in the comments section down below.

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