How to use conditioner Full Step By Step Method!

how to use conditioner?
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How to use conditioner, Hello everyone In this article we will talk about how to use conditioner after shampoo.

How to use conditioner Full Step By Step Method!

Difference Between Shampoo and conditioner :

So I have seen some people who think that shampoo and conditioner are the same terms but they are not!

The shampoo is used for cleansing scalp and hairs while the conditioner is used for making the hairs silky and shiny.

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It works as a moisturizer for your hair which gives full nourishment and protection that our hair needs to grow quickly.

So I hope that the main difference between the shampoo and conditioner is clear in your mind.

Now let’s talk about using it after shampoo full step by step method.

How to use Conditioner Full Method:

  • So, first of all, You have to shampoo your hair for using conditioner because it only works effectively after shampoo.
  • After shampooing your hair you have to decide how much of conditioner you should apply.
  • It depends on your hair length if they are short use less of it or if they are long then you should use more if it for better results.
  • Now, I generally use enough conditioner just to sort of fill the palm of my hand.

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  • But it completely depends on your hair length because it can be more or less in your case.
  • Now you have to spread it out across your hands fast before just putting it straight onto your head.
  • and you want to focus on the middle to end sections of your hair.
  • The hair closest to the scalp is newer, so it’s already in quite a good condition.
  • whereas from the middle to the ends, the hair is older, so you’re going to need to condition that.
  • I tend to find that I smooth it through the hair rather than massaging because you’re not going to get a lather as you do with shampoo because it’s conditioning agents rather than cleansing agents.
  • Now, I’m quite methodical about how I do this, so I start on one side and I go right through to the other to make sure I’ve covered every single strand, and I want to leave it in for as long as possible.

Rinsing Process:

  • So after i complete my face wash and my body wash. I leave the conditioner as it is.
How to use conditioner Full Step By Step Method!
  • And then once you’ve finished that, now it’s time for the rinse. OK, so this is a different process again.
  • I like to turn the temperature right down because it locks in all of the moisture and I prefer the feeling at the end of the shower.
  • So that’s how you’re going to get perfectly glossy hair.

Conclusion :

I hope you found this article on how to use conditioner useful.If you did then do not forget to share this article with your friends and family.

And let me know your thoughts about this process whether it worked for you or not in the comments section down below.

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