What Is Glass? How Glass Is Made? Full Process Explained!

what is glass? How is glass made?
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What Is Glass? How Glass Is Made? |Hello guys in this article we will talk about What Is Glass? How Glass Is Made? from sand.

The glass is made from sand but it is transparent right? it’s a bit different kind of material discovered by human beings.

What Is Glass? How Glass Is Made? Full Method Explained!

Because when the it goes through the making process it’s heated up and converted into liquid form to give it required shape.

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The Mirror is a very commonly used material in today’s world.

If you notice your surroundings you will see that it is used in different places like windows, mirrors and light bulbs etc.

So let’s learn more interesting things about it in detail.

What Is Glass?

We are using it from a long time ago but we actually do not know the real meaning of It.

If someone asks a question that what is glass then we probably can’t explain it in the right way to someone.

What Is Glass? How Glass Is Made? Full Method Explained!

It is nothing but the processed liquid sand.

When the sand or scientifically known as silicon is heated up to a proper temperature.

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It starts to melt and it’s converted into liquid silicon.

The ordinary sand can also be used to make Mirror but it melts at a very high temperature like 3090 Fahrenheit (1700 Celsius).

But after melting and letting it become solid it doesn’t get converted to It.

rather than that it’s converted to a form called amorphous solid which is like between solid and liquid state.

How Glass Is Made?

So now let’s come to the point, the glass was firstly discovered accidentally.

When scientists of the USA were testing a prototype of an atomic bomb in the New Mexico desert in the year of 1945.

As a result of testing the sand based soil around that area was converted into glass for the first time.

But we don’t need atomic explosions to produce It! There are many other ways to make it.

Basically, to make It in a commercial gplant, The sand is mixed with waste Mirror products, Soda ash, and limestone and heated up in a furnace at a very high temperature.

In this procedure the soda ash helps to reduce sand’s melting point, and save energy during the manufacturing process.

What Is Glass? How Glass Is Made? Full Process Explained!

But also has a drawback, That the glass produced by using this would dissolve into water!

limestone is used to stop this happen and make it commercially usable everywhere.

This finished product is known as soda lime silica glass which we see everywhere in our day to day life.

Glass Transformation Process

After that this melted sand is used to make different kinds of glass products by molding and shaping.

To make products like bottles, Jugs, Glasses etc. The melted sand is poured into different kinds of molds with various shapes.

Otherwise it’s poured onto a flat surface to create products like house windows, Mirrors, etc.

Whereas some types of it like color tinted and textured glasses are mode through a different process by adding chemicals and some other items which we will talk about later.


So I hope that everybody will like this post based on how glass is made? and what is glass?

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