What is plastic? How Is Plastic Made? Uses Of Plastic All Explained!

what is plastic? how is plastic made?
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What is plastic? How Is Plastic Made? Full Process! | Hello everyone Today In this article we will learn Some Things Related To Plastic!

In this modern world, we all use plastic in our day to day life. Either it’s a bottle or chair It’s used everywhere.

What is plastic? How Is Plastic Made? Uses Of Plastic All Explained!

But most of us don’t know about the main process of how it’s made and what is plastic.

So today we will talk about all of those things and some interesting facts about It that everyone should know!

History Of Plastic

It was invented by Hendrik Baekeland in the year of 1907.

Very First Plastic Based On a synthetic polymer was made from phenol and formaldehyde From viable and cheap synthesis methods.

What is plastic? How Is Plastic Made? Uses Of Plastic All Explained!

After the invention it became widely popular around the world.

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and the commercial production of It was going like crazy everywhere!

But because of very heavy usage of It, the problem of pollution and global warming became a huge issue for earth.

What is Plastic?

So let’s come to the point What is plastic?

It is nothing but an element which contains various kinds of synthetic and semi-synthetic organic compounds which can be molded into solid objects.

In simple words It is a material which can be formed and deformed or molded into various kinds of shapes.

The plastic is mainly made of polymer which are organic with high molecular mass also.

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It is very cheap and easy to produce, That’s why it’s widely used to make almost every product in today’s world.

Now let’s talk about some main uses of plastic and why plastic is used very widely.

Uses Of Plastic

The world is full of plastic because of its versatility, durability, and cheap manufacturing rate.

What is plastic? How Is Plastic Made? Uses Of Plastic All Explained!

We can see usage of it almost everywhere either it’s medical field,scientific field, or any other kind of criteria.

The main uses of it are listed as below.

  • It is mostly used in packaging of commercial products like food items, snacks, parts, chemicals and etc.
  • It is also used in the manufacturing of Toys for kids, chairs, household items, electronic items etc.
  • In the medical field plastic products like a syringe and other products related to medical use.
  • Nowadays the revolution in transport industry became possible because of It.
  • Rather than using steel or any metal to make cars, planes, boats etc vehicles, It is more efficient and cheap.
  • The other usage of it is in electronics there is always a part of it in the electronic products.

Conclusion :

So that’s it for now guys i hope that you realized the importance and uses of plastic material in our busy world.

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